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My Perfect Lazy Sunday

22 January 2017

Like most people I work Monday to Friday and I have to wake up pretty early in the morning. Thats why on Sunday I like to take it slow.

I normally have a lie in on Sundays and when I feel like I can't sleep any more I make myself breakfast, which normally consists in coffee and a pain au chocolat. I then eat my breakfast in bed whilst I watch Netflix.

Then I like to take a few minutes and think about new blog posts I would like to write or what pictures I would like to upload on instagram the week to come. I just feel that I think more clearly on Sunday mornings. I love to jot down all my blog ideas in this lovely notebook from Anthropology

One of my absolute favourite things to do on Sunday morning is to take a stroll through the park. As I live in west London I always go to High Park. I absolutely love how green and full of life it is.

After lunch I like to relax and read a book or watch a movie. Currently I'm reading The Little Book of Hygge.

At some point a get my Kikki K planner and plan my week ahead. I like to write down all the little tasks I need to do.

I also tend to do a face masque on Sundays in order to look my best for Monday. I´m really liking the Glamglow SuperMud Clearing Treatment at the moment.

Nail polish and Sunday evenings go hand in hand, there is nothing better than a fresh coat of nail polish to prep you up for the start of a new week. This week I went for Maki Me Happy from Essie.

Comment bellow and let me know what you think makes a perfect Sunday?

Instant Look in a Palette by Charlotte Tilbury

19 January 2017
I have added another palette to my collection, even though I didn’t really need it but I have no self control and bought it anyway.

So to feel slightly less guilty I though it would be a great idea to review it on the blog, hoping it can justify my compulsive shopping.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a  palette in Natural Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury has made available her Instant Look in a Palette in Natural Beauty and has come up with a second palette in Seductive Beauty.

The Instant Look in a Palette contains three eye shadows, a swish and pop blusher, a highlighter and a bronzer.
This is the perfect little palette for people that prefer to do their makeup on the go.
It´s also the perfect travel companion, add some brushes, foundation, mascara and a lipstick and your good to go.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a  palette in Natural Beauty

The eye shadows are lovely, same quality as her eye shadows quads. There is an eye brighter shade aimed to brighten up the area, a slightly shimmery champagne shade and a matte brown. They are the perfect everyday colours to wear when you want to look put together but you don’t want anything crazy. I love the shade selection but I have to admit I would have preferred to have a fourth dark brown shade to tie up the look.
For a more in depth review of Charlotte Tilbury eye shadows click here.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a  palette in Natural Beauty

The highlighter and bronzer are the same as in the Filmstar Bronce and Glow palette.
The bronzer has a slight shimmer going through nothing too harsh and lovely to wear. The highlighter is amazing; I use it practically every morning. Love these two, find out more about the Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette here.

The blush is also really nice. I would have preferred it to be slightly bigger as its difficult to fit a blush brush. But apart from that I really like the shade and the finely milled formula.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a  palette in Natural Beauty

The instant look in a palette is the perfect product if you want to discover Charlotte Tilbury makeup without splashing out too much as you get a great selection of her products.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a  palette in Natural Beauty

Are you the type of person that likes to do their makeup on the go? Comment below.

Winter Skin Care Staples

15 January 2017
The festive period has finished but winter certainly isn’t over. At least not in the UK, temperatures are dropping down rapidly and between that and central heating our skin can suffer.

That’s why I wanted to share with you my winter skin staples. All of these products are well loved and have been repurchased time and time again.

In the past year I have fallen deeply in love with face oils. I have oily to combination skin and I have diched moisturises for face oils. I feel like my skin is more nourished and doesn’t tend to get as oily during the day. Also it doesn’t make me brake out, foundation applies more smoothly and it creates a nice healthy glow. What more could you want right?

I use Nude Progenius Omega Treatment rescue oil every single morning. I apply a small drop and smooth it all over my face. It leaves your skin looking and feeling great.

Nude Progenies Omega Treatment rescue oil

As mentioned in my Evening Skin Care Must Haves post, the Kiehl´s midnight recovery range is sheer perfection! The Midnight recovery concentrate oil is wonderful, it feels lovely on the skin, it sinks in quickly and the next morning you wake up with baby smooth skin. The Midnight recovery eye cream is incredibly nourishing and gentle on delicate skin. It’s the perfect eye cream for the evening.

Kiehl´s midnight recovery

Also worth mentioning is my trusty Nuxe lip balm. It’s the best lip balm to slather on at night time, it is really nourishing and thick leaving your lips baby smooth by morning.

Nuxe reve de miel

As skin tends to get a bit dryer this time of year its also very important to exfoliate. I don’t use physical exfoliators as skin care experts have said that they actually damage the skin surface. I have recently discovered Rodial Super Acids x-treme rush peel. It contains active azeliac acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid and fruit acids. It removes dead skin revealing a new layer of skin therefore making your skin feel smoother and looking glowier.

Rodial Super Acids x-treme rush peel

I also love a good face mask all year round, I have been using the GlamGlow SuperMud a lot lately. It’s a deeply cleansing mask designed to deep clean your pores. It might not be to adequate for sensitive skin, but its great for normal to combination skin.

GlamGlow Supermud

My all time favourite body cream is by far the Rituals Sakura magic touch body cream.
I have been using it religiously for more than a year now. I don’t purchase any other body cream. I love how soft it makes my skin feel and how rapidly it sinks into my skin. But I would have to say that the reason why I can´t live without it is the scent. I just absolutely love it. So much so that I think I own or have owned pretty much everything from the Sakura range. I´m obsessed!

Rituals Sakura body cream

Lastly, a part of our body that tends to suffer a lot during winter but that sometimes gets forgotten is our hands. Its really important to have a good hand cream. I love this one from Rituals. I absolutely love the smell of it and love how soft my hands feel after using it. This hand balm is targeted for dry to extra dry skin. The skin on my hands is quite normal so I tend to use it at night before I go to bed. If you struggle finding a good nourishing hand cream, I would definitely give this one a go.

Let me know what skin care products you can’t live without during the colder months.

Winter skin care staples