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Trying out Lush body conditioners

Trying out Lush body conditioners

Lush Christingle body conditioner

Body conditioners have been around for awhile but I have to admit I have never tried one until recently. Never saw the point to one really.
Last October I went on holiday to Mauritius, I knew I was going to spend long days at the beach so I packed every hydrating product I could find.

Lush Ro´s Argan body conditioner

I decided to buy the Lush Ro´s Argan body conditioner. This product is made with Argan oil, rose oil, brazil nut oil and Goji Berry juice. This body conditioner locks in moisture leaving skin smooth and supple and delicately scented.
As the name would suggest, it works the same as a normal hair conditioner. You just layer up, rinse and pat dry. At first I wasn’t a big fan of the scent purely because I’m into fresh flowery scents and this one is a bit to sweet for me, but I quickly got over that. It works great if like me you want to add extra moisture to your skin or if your simply not a fan of moisturizers but still want to add a layer of hydration to your skin. I think it’s a great product to pop in your gym bag or to use in the mornings when your short of time.

Lush Snow Fairy body conditioner

Next up I decided to give Snow Fairy a go. This scent is a favourite for many Lush fans and I thought it would be a good one to try. This body conditioner contains a cherry infusion, fair trade organic cocoa butter, mango butter and avocado butter. It works exactly the same as the Ro´s Argan body conditioner but I do think it’s not a rich and hydrating. I have to admit I am not a fan on the scent, its too candy floss sweet for me but if you’re into your sweet scents you will definitely love this one. I still have half a tub left, I will finish it up because I really hate throwing out products, but I know I ´wont be repurchasing this one.

Sick of sweet scents and then decided to purchase the Chritingle body conditioner its the complete opposite of the previous two conditioners as it has a strong mint scent. This product contains mummery butter, peppermint oil, fair trade shea butter and grapefruit oil. This product is slightly different to the rest as it slightly tingles a few minutes after you have dressed yourself. This product is as hydrating as the Ro´s Argan one but again, I am not a fan of the scent and don’t think I would repurchase.

Have you tried body conditioners? Which one is your favourite?
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Spring Lilies
Glossier Haul and UK Pop-Up Store!

Glossier Haul and UK Pop-Up Store!

Glossier Haul

Have you heard? Glosseir will be opening a pop-up shop in London for 8 days!!
It will be open from the 15th to the 22nd November in Marylebone, I can’t wait!

I did a little online order when Glossier first launched in the UK and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share my thoughts on the brand.

 Cloud paint: Probably one of my favourite products from the brand. I am a big fan of liquid/cream blush, but brands don’t always get it right. Cloud Paint is perfect, it blends seamlessly onto the skin and has a very natural finish with a lightweight texture. Its great for day time looks or “no makeup” looks. The packaging can be improved, although I love the aesthetic I don’t like how the product is dispensed as I always squeeze too much product out and its just a waste. The shade I have is dusk and its just perfect for my skin tone.

Glossier Cloud paint dusk

Boy brow. This is Glossier´s best selling product and I can definitely see why. Its definitely an innovative product, it contains natural waxes that hold hairs in place without stiffness. Its almost like a pomade in a brow gel packaging. I have it in brown and I do think it’s a tinny bit too light for me, I might try the darkest shade next.

Glossier boy brow and stretch concealer

Generation G lipsticks. This product is also quite different to other lipsticks, its matte whilst being hydrating and sheer all at the same time. It almost looks as if you have blotted your lipstick. You can definitely build it up. Mine is the shade Like which is a powdery mauvy-pink- Again its perfect is you are going for a natural look

Glossier generation g lipstick in like

Stretch Concealer. Love the consistency but don’t like the coverage. Its definitely hydrating it doesn’t cake like traditional concealers but the coverage is not powerful enough to hide my darks circles, I also don’t love how it looks under the eyes but do use it for covering redness and spots.

The Milky Jelly Cleanser seems to be a crowd pleaser, but I have to admit its not for me. It doesn’t remove makeup and has a strong rose scent. Its best used as a second cleanser or a morning cleanser. It does leave your face feeling moisturised but that’s basically all it does. I just think there are better cleansers out there.

Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser

Smoothing face mist. Its basically like spraying water onto your face with a rubbish spray. I’m not sure if all bottles work the same or if I just got a bad one but it drips and it doesn’t spray with a fine mist, more like heavy rain. I didn’t expect miracles from this face mist but I did hope it could somehow calm down my skin or at least add a layer of hydration, it did nothing.

Glossier soothing face mist

Let me know if you have tried the brand and what products you would recommend!
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Spring Lilies
Top 5 Blog Picks

Top 5 Blog Picks


These types of post has been around for ages and I really love reading them as I get to discover amazing bloggers, but I never thought of actually making a post like this until recently.

I occasionally struggle when it comes to the consistency of my posts and its not necessarily for lack of time but for lack of motivation. If something deeply worries me I just can’t think of anything else, I obsess and literally worry myself sick and all the things I enjoy doing are put on hold. Why am I telling you this? Well because one day when I was in one of those moods I realised that I had been tagged in an Instagram picture, when I opened it I saw that a lovely girl named Jessica from had featured me in her Top Blogger Edit post. In that moment, when I was debating closing down my blog, that mention gave me the push I needed to carry on. A simple act of kindness can have a bigger effect than you might realise and I want to do the same.
I also think it is really important to share the love and to support each other.

So here are my top 5 blog picks! I am not featuring Jessica just to “return the favour”, I am featuring her because I genuinely love her blog. From the design to photographs and content, the blog is absolutely amazing. She basically writes about everything, you can find book reviews, motivational posts and beauty reviews. She even has an amazing Etsy shop were you can buy really cute and beautifully designed blog post planners. If you’re a blogger you need to check out Jessicajadedesigns it will make your blog planning so much easier! Everyone knows Kate´s blog, her interior posts make everyone wish they could her amazing eye for design. I always go to when I need inspiration. I also really like her beauty posts and have tried many of the products she has recommended. The first thing that caught my eye from Lisa´s blog was the beautiful header she has, I just though it was absolutely perfect. Her content is also amazing she blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, all the things I’m into basically. Her photography is also amazing; I really wish I could produce pictures like hers. I first discovered Lynnsay through her Instagram account /sartorialscot she has an amazing feed and I genuinely have a scroll through her account when I lack inspiration. Her blog is equally as amazing. I love her outfit posts, she has an incredible style and showcases clothes that an actual normal girl my age would wear. She also has a YouTube account. What really stands about Jessica and her blog is her style of writing. She can do the longest blog post ever and I will read it through to the end, she is able to engage readers and keep their attention and that is something that isn’t easy to do.

Go say hi to these amazing ladies and share the love!
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Spring Lilies
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