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London at your feet - Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Not many awesome things in London are free but luckily visiting Sky Garden, situated in the middle of the City of London is.
As you can imagine getting a ticket isn’t easy, they only release tickets 3 weeks in advanced and they normally go pretty quickly, especially if you wish to visiting during the weekend.

I decided to take a day off from work and was casually looking at the Sky Garden website and luckily they had a few slots available on the day. You can only book an hour slot but really no one is aware of the time so really you can get away with staying a bit longer.

Sky Garden

The views from the top are incredible. You can practically see the whole of London. There is an outside area were you can enjoy the breathtaking views and an inside area were you can relax and have a couple of drink or an afternoon tea. I was quiet impressed with their selection.

There are various seating areas, from high tables to sofas with cozy blankets to remote benches within the impressive exotic plants.

Sky Garden

I was really impressed with my visiting, the venue is absolutely breathtaking and the staff are incredibly helpful and polite. I will definetely be visiting again, I think this time I would want to go at night in order to see London lit up.

Sky Garden

I filmed a one minute video so you can see the Sky Garden from the inside.

You can book your free slot by clinking here.
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The myths about SPF

The myths about SPF

I think by know most of us are aware of the importance of SPF. But after a long chat with some of my work colleagues I have realised that a lot of people don’t like wearing SPF on their face. Some claim that the products are too greasy, others seem to think they don’t really need to wear it because their skin isn’t light. There is still some misconception about the whole thing, seeing as summer has just arrived I thought it would be the perfect time to uncover some of the myths related to SPF.

SPF always feels greasy.
Yes, some SPF´s are quite greasy and sticky but there are a lot of SPF´s designed for the face that are oil free and don’t feel greasy at all. My favourite face SPF is the Kiehl´s Ultra Light dailyUV Defense, but there are so many out there. The La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC SPF30 Matte Fluid is also a great one and the Clinique Face Cream SPF 40 is also good.

I don’t need SPF if its cloudy
Wrong again, there are two types of rays UVB and UVA. The UVB is what causes your skin to turn red, it burns the surface of your skin. But we some times forget about the UVA rays, these penetrate deeper in the skin and can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkling. These rays are around through the entire year and will cause damage regardless of the colour of your skin.

 Kiehl´s Ultra Light daily UV

I don’t wear SPF as I wont be able to reapply it during the day because I have makeup.

I wear makeup daily but always use SPF 50 underneath my foundation. If I feel that I need to reapply I use the Garnier Moisture BombProtecting Hydrating Mist. You simply spray it on top of your makeup and your done! I wouldn’t wear this alone but it is a great product to use during the day to top up.

I don’t wear SPFbecause it leaves a white cast on my face.
Again, not all SPF´s are the same. Some are extremely thick and leave you as pale as ghost. Again the, Kiehl´s UltraLight daily UV Defense and the La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC SPF30 Matte Fluid are great options.

Origins age defines eye cream with white tea

I wont get a tan if I wear SPF
I assure you from personal experience that is not true. Properly applied SPF will prevent sun burn but you will still get tanned. It might seem that the tan takes longer to develop because you don’t become a human lobster. I have literally seen friends coat themselves in oil and lay in the sun for 6 hours just to develop a tan quicker. Let me just tell you whilst the rest of us were enjoying the beach the next day, they were stuck at home because of the severity of their burns.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Protecting Hydrating Mis

I just want to disclose that I am no skin care expert, but I have done pretty crazy things in the past just because I though I looked much better with a tan. Now I’m a bit wiser when it comes to SPF and I treat it very seriously.
So please be aware that sun damage can not only contribute to premature ageing but it can also cause skin cancer.
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Say bye to spots with the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

First of all, I want to start by saying that at the moment I have quite good skin with the occasional hormonal breakouts. My skin is oily to combination with the occasional dry patch and it can sometimes be a bit sensitive.
 I felt like I needed a product that could target spots but that wouldn’t affect the rest of my skin. After seeing Zoella use the Mario Badescu drying lotion in her vlogs I decided to give it a go.
Before I go on to full review mode let me sum the product up in 3 words, BEST PURCHASE EVER!

The Mario Badescu drying lotion is a funny looking product with a pink sediment at the bottom and a clear liquid at the top. It has a strong smell but disappears after a couple of minutes.
In order to apply you mustn’t sake the bottle, just dip in a cotton bud until you reach the pink sediment. Then just dot the product over your spots and leave it over night. It does dry quickly so you wont be smearing the product all over your pillows.

After using the drying lotion my spots mostly disappeared around the second day, the most persistent spots left after three days which I think is quite impressive. The drying lotion didn’t irritate my skin or make the spots flake, which is a pain if your trying to use concealer to cover them up during the day.

It also works wonders when you feel a spot coming on as it doesn’t let the spot develop and it usually disappears the next day. If you have sensitive skin, you should approach with caution as the Mario Badescudrying lotion contains salicylic acid.

This little bottle costs £15.00and it will last ages as you only need to use a small amount, I think it well priced as it performs like a dream. I would highly recommend this product, it’s the best spot treatment I have ever tried.
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The Best Summer Foundation

The Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation

I have always had oily to combination skin, but recently I have also been having a few dry patches on my face making the foundations I currently own cling to it. I like my foundation to look fresh and skin-like, especially in the warmer months.
During the day I enjoy wearing foundations that go unnoticed but that can even-out the skin tone and give luminosity.

I have been searching for quite a while for a foundation that ticked all the boxes and I finally think I have found the one.
This foundation doesn’t feel like any other foundation, it feels so light a weightless, it glides perfectly through the skin thanks to its gel like texture and blends like no other. I have tried applying it with a cushion applicator and a stippling brush and it works wonders with both (its slightly quicker when using a brush, so I usually go for that option). This foundation has a light coverage but its definitely buildable.

The Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation

The actual cushion is also different, instead of having a sponge infused with the foundation in has a net like system that helps dispense the product quicker and easier.

The packaging is also amazing with a decent size mirror on the inside, making it perfect for touching-up throughout the day. It’s definitely a handbag staple.

The Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation

The mayor drawback to this foundation is its price, retailing at £43. Currently I don’t think they sell the cushion refills separately, I’m hoping they will start making them in the future, therefore lowering the price of the foundation (I’ll keep my fingers crossed.)

If you’re in to light, luminous and skin-like foundations you need to try the Chanel Healthy Glow Foundation, it’s just the perfect summer base.

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