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The answer to dry damaged hair

I have been lightening my hair for a few years now and always have been quite happy with the state of my hair.
Recently I went to do a balayage refresh and unfortunately I came out with really damaged hair.
I don’t want to go into too much detail, but let's just say I spent way too much time with the decolourant on my hair.
Rather than chopping it off, I have been looking for alternative products that can help my damaged hair.

Davines Oi shampoo

Using the Olaplex at home treatment has been a life saver, for review click here.

The Oi line from Davines has also made a huge difference. The Davines Oi shampoo is classified as a hydrating shampoo, but don’t let that discourage you if like me you have an oily scalp, as it won't weigh down your hair or make your routes oilier.

I was quite sceptical when I first started using it, but I have quickly been converted. The Oi shampoo just makes your hair feel clean, nourished and full of volume.

The Davines Oi range is nourishing without being heavy, leaving your ends silky smooth. After each use, it leaves your hair shiny and manageable, with a super-smooth, frizz-free finish.

Davines Oi conditioner

Its star ingredient is roucou oil, which is known for smoothing and ‘controlling’ weakened and dry hair. It’s 100 times richer in beta-carotene than carrots and helps to stimulate melanin synthesis (and in turn, maintain your hair’s natural pigment), while its ellagic acid content works to neutralise free radicals and thus protect against cellular damage caused by UV exposure. The Oi line is also sulfate- and paraben-free.

Both the shampoo and the Davines Oi conditioner are amazing, I love using both on a daily basis. They leave my hair looking salon-worthy and smelling amazing!
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Another Glossier Haul

After spending way too much money during November and December I promised myself that starting January I wouldn’t buy anything that wasn’t necessary. I was doing quite well actually, that is, until Glossier launched their solution exfoliating skin perfector. I immediately wanted to try it out, and making an online order with only one product in my cart felt silly so I added more Glossier products that I really didn’t need. So here it is, another Glossier haul. Enjoy!

Glossier solution exfoliating skin perfector

Glossier Solution exfoliating skin perfector. This is a chemical exfoliator that contains
A combination of 3 acids: AHA, BHA and PHA. This isn’t anything innovative, there are millions of chemical exfoliators on the market to choose from. But this product is very attractive due to the fact that it comes form Glossier, which is a very hyped up brand and the moment, and due to its 90´s inspired packaging. Who doesn’t like pale pink glittery bottle? It also comes with a lot of promises: unclog and reduce pore size, reduce redness and totally transform your skin in 4 weeks. I haven’t been using this product for long and I can’t comment on its efficacy at the moment, but I will say that their packaging is genius as they have used a pump that easily saturates your cotton pad minimising waste. I am a big fan!

Glossier solution exfoliating skin perfector

Glossier Perfecting skin tint. This is definitely a love hate product; the online reviews are so mixed that I thought I would give it a try. This base has no coverage at all, but does leaves a nice glow on the skin. It’s the perfect base if you have flawless skin and only want to add a little something. If you’re into your coverage I don’t think you will like this product. I have started using it as a primer and I have to say it works really well as it leaves a nice glowy base.

Glossier perfecting skin tint

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask. I have to admit, never in a thousand years did I think I would end up buying a hydrating mask. I have combination to oily skin and have never used a hydrating mask in my life. Lately my skin has been feeling a bit dryer, I think the cold outside and the heating indoors is taking a toll on my skin. So I thought it was the perfect time to try out this hyped up mask. I don’t have a full review on the product as I have only used it once, I need to properly test it out.

Glossier Haloscope quartz

Glossier Haloscope in quartz. At first, when I used this product for the first time I thought, What have I done! I have just spent  £18  on a highlighter that looks and feels like pritt-stick. It´s supposed to be a makeup/skincare hybrid as it is enriched with coconut, castor seed and sweet almond oil. But let’s be honest, who needs extra hydration on the tops of your cheek and tip of your nose? These are not common dry areas and the extra hydration only leaves your skin feeling uncomfortably sticky. I’m also not a fan of the pigmentation, it is really subtle you can barely see a glow or sheen.

Glossier skincare

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