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7 Reasons to Love Autumn

We are several weeks into autumn now and we can definitely feel the change in the UK. The temperature has dropped considerably and days are starting to get shorter.

reasons to love autumn

I really love the change of the seasons it feels refreshing, breaks up a bit the monotony of life, and gets you excited for new things.
In this post I would like to share with you 10 reasons why I love autumn.

1. Autumn leaves in the floor. I love walking through parks especially those that have lots of trees. I live in London, a very urban city, therefore any green spaces excite me greatly.  I just feel that walking through dry leaves is very relaxing, I love to hear the crack of the leaves as I walk past. And there is something about a park full of autumn leaves with their different shades of orange brown that I can’t get enough off.

park autumn leaves
ankle boots autumn

2. Bath bombs. Bath bombs are great all year round but in summer I tend to take less baths and more showers. But as autumn arrives and temperatures drop I start to crave nice hot bubbly baths and bath bombs just take baths into a whole ´nother level.

Lush bath bombs halloween

3. Candles. Similar to bath bombs candles are things that you tend to use all year round. But again in summer I really don’t tend to light one up. Whilst im home in the summer I tend to have all the windows open to let the lovely summer breeze in. But come autumn there is nothing more cosy and relaxing that getting a nice warm blanket, turning on the TV and lighting your favourite candle. Ahh the simple pleasures in life!

relaxing candle

4. Cosy mornings in bed. I love to stay in bed all year round but I feel that during the spring and summer I tend to get up earlier on the weekends and do stuff. But come autumn I just love to lay in bed for hours reading a book, or catching up on my favourites bloggers.

cozy socks

5. Burgundy nails. I mean if that doesn’t scream autumn I don’t know what does.  I have been using burgundy nail polish for years know and I still haven’t gotten bored. Burgundy nails are so classic and elegant they are an autumn must!

essie maki me happy

6. Cosy socks, cosy blankets cosy everything. There is something about putting away your summer clothes and starting to wear your autumn/winter clothes that I find so exciting. It is something to look forward to and also helps you change up your routine.

autumn outfit

7. Halloween!! I mean enough said wright? Who doesn’t love pumpkins, dressing up and Halloween themed chocolates! Shame it only comes once a year.

halloween pumpkins

I probably missed out on many things that make Autumn so exciting. Please share your reasons for loving autumn, I would love to know what you think!

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1 comment:

  1. love fall, halloween :) btw that essie polish is so pretty!


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